Food waste composite machine

Food Waste Compost Machine

Approx Price: Rs 2 Lakh / Set 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Product Details:
  • Brand: Noble
  • Approx Dimension: costomised
  • Power Rating: Total Power up to 10 HP
  • Power Supply: 3 Phase
  • Shredder And Squeezer Motor: UP to 3 HP
  • Grade: Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity (Kg): 200kg, 500 Kg, 700 Kg & 1000 Kg
  • Type of Waste: Food waste disposer
  • Model No.: NPE 200, NPE 500, NPE 700 NPE 1000
  • Size: Customised
  • Color: Customised
  • Material: SS 304
  • Duration Of Process: 48 hrs to 72 Hrs
  • Electrical Consumption: As per capacity
  • Gear Box Reduction Ratio: 7.5 : 1
  • Main Motor: as per capacity
  • Phase: 3 phase
  • Running Hours Per Batch: 48 hrs to 72 hrs
  • Service Type: Customised


Every day, HUGE amounts of food scraps (or even full meals!) are being wasted in India, taking up space in landfills and poisoning our Earth.

Our technology has been applied in our comprehensive range of composters for use in any industry that produces food waste.

Areas applied-

• Hotels-With hotels having banquets almost every day, plenty of food waste can be composted

• Supermarkets and F&B Outlets-Old or wasted food can be composted instead of thrown away

• Factories, Councils & Educational Institutions - When meals are provided daily, plenty of organic waste is created

• Hospitals - All hospitals provided food daily, much of which is often not eaten and wasted.

Main Features

Facility with a crushing chamber to deal with hard food waste and is ideal for composting all kinds of organics, including big animal bones, oysters and other crustacean shells.

Loading of your organic waste and can handle large waste quantities, making it ideal for mid-sized restaurants, cafés and boutique hotels.

Able to compost all type and sizes of food waste (eg.bones, sea shells, hard rinds, coconut husk, all types of fresh and cook food waste)

Power –3 phase, Noise Level - 45 ~ 55 dB

Process Flow- Insert/Crushing / Heating / Agitating with Aerating(Inner Chamber)/Compost

1. Mixing

During the recycling process, the food waste is mixed with the bulking agent inside the main chamber.

2. Heating

The temperature is set above 60 degrees to get rid of bad bacteria contained in the food waste. This heating functions also as a dryer to remove the water content from the initial loading.

3. Aerating

Composting requires oxygen. Compost machine is equipped with a air-blower to ensure the material is well aerated inside the main chamber.

Stand-Alone UnitBuilt-in Crusher System, Electrical Panel Control, Temperature: 40C – 60C

Composing Medium: Microbes (Aerobic)

Process Time 12 to 24 hours

Converts 100% of Food and organic Waste

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Additional Information:
  • Item Code: NPE2005007001000
  • Port of Dispatch: Nasik
  • Production Capacity: 200 500 700 1000
  • Delivery Time: 1 month
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